Frank Frazetta × Frank Kozik × Kidrobot - “The Barbarian” & "Death Dealer" Labbit, Dunny, and Munny sets!

Simply titled “The Barbarian,” Frank Frazetta’s 1966 painting would be used as the cover image for Robert E. Howard’s Conan in a paperback collection and would thus become the iconic image of REH’s creation. Frazetta’s estate have allowed Frank Kozik & Kidrobot to transform Kozik’s Labbit & KR’s Dunny into the likeness of the “The Barbarian” pose, creating a vinyl sculpture that we previously teased but now have fully spotted at New York’s Toy Fair.

As you can see by the sliver of the other Frazetta collaboration “Death Dealer” — this piece stands roughly the same height... and Frank Kozik poses with his creation above, like a proud -very stern- father! Both of these were digitally sculpted by Klim and his Bigshot Toyworks team, and they turned out great! As a long time fantasy reader, Conan will always hold a special place in my heart and Frazetta’s detailed paintings are the definitive version… so this is a truly thrilling project to see!

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