Amanda Visell × threeA’s “Flightless Harold & Bats” Resin Figure Set Available Now!

Ah, “Harold”… Within the World War Robots universe, he is the only robot to feature the 'unique' design of tank treads for mobility. His AI is also extremely faulty, a trait that earned him the lovely nickname “Harold the F***tard.” No, seriously, that's what fans of Ashley Wood’s WWR call him! But thankfully for this threeA robotic reject, he's found a buddy in a bat that would never call him such things!

Yes, the Amanda Visell reinterpretation of “Harold” — titled “Flightless Harold & Bats” — doesn't come with a little girl companion, as we originally suspected, but rather this hand-sculpted, -cast, and -painted resin piece is escorted by a baby bat and even has a bonus bat for even better luck! Measuring roughly 8 × 5½ × 4½ inches, this piece is available to order for a 24-hour period only, ending at the end of today (February 16th, 2016), in the Switcheroo online shop for $300 per set.

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