Nathan Jurevicius x Kidrobot - "Nightriders" blind box mini series unboxing & review!!!

We had the fortune of scoring a factory sealed AP case of the new "Nightriders" blind box mini series designed by Nathan Jurevicius and produced by Kidrobot... so we took full advantage, set up a camera, and opened up the entire case... for you all to see. Nathan took his time creating a very cohesive series of the multiple platforms including: Dunny, Munny, Foomi, Trikky, Raffy... along with some unique body/bases for the figures! This is the second ever mixed-platform series from Kidrobot... and we love the direction they are going with these... taking the Munnyworld figures and shrinking them down to the 3" size was a brilliant move! According to lore "Nightriders are a particular breed of nocturnal bird spirits that wander between the supernatural world and earth-bound gods, communicating the unseen."... and that's the perfect explanation. Oh... and each figure is named after Nathan's friends and family, so in the video above, you can get a little insight into Nathan's life :-)
Full of bright colors, amazing gradient metallic fades, unique geometric shapes, and cute little "owl" accessories, this series is a step away from the norm, but works so well. We love the fact that each character is brought to life by minimal deco, and relies more on the shape and simple sprays of color... and on that little note, we want to point out the airbrush work on these... a really nice touch that has not really been seen before on alot of KR mini figures. Also, the use of translucent vinyl... very sofubi like, and not really seen in any KR pieces that come to mind as most all other clear figures have been ABS and show off those unsightly seam lines along with the connectors holding the 2 pieces together.

This series really is beautiful, and the QC, at least in our package... was immaculate! Releasing this Friday, January 29th at Kidrobot.com and select Kidrobot retail locations, this blind-box series comes highly recommend, and if you have the means to buy a case, do it... they look amazing as a set!

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