Nanan blows us away with his "Sunset" custom PAW figure!!!

We love the work of Nanan... all his urban light figures really inspire us, and we always look forward to emails from him as he shares his latest project... and this one in particular, has us totally stoked! Entitled "Sunset" while utilizing the PAW platform designed by Coarse Toys, he created one badass looking Redbull inspired fighter jet with a headlight. Although, in explanation, it really doesn't work... but after seeing photos of it, this piece is truly impressive!

While keeping pretty much the entire shape of the figure in tact, making it still very apparent that the base PAW figure was used, Nanan added on the wings, thrusters, other parts along with the head lamp to not only make for one of the most unique looking custom designer toys, but also, a rad functioning lamp! Oh... and this piece is still available to own. If interested, hit up Nanan directly via gael@antifacto.com - so great!

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