Kidrobot to release a new 5" Dunny... and SekureD get first dibs?!?!

Would you look at this?!?! In a recent turn of events, it looks like the canceled SekureD Dunny (we posted about HERE) is actually in production... and although it's not the one previously mentioned, this one has much more flair and color... and honestly, will look quite nice on a larger 5" platform.
Now... what's up with a 5" Dunny?!?! Rumors had been circulating for some time, and we didn't want to post about it until we saw some evidence... and well, the website we found that had this 'Codename Unknown' up for pre-order listed it as a 5" - so I think it's safe to say... this is happening. So clear those shelves, and get ready! More on this very soon! Oh... and does that Dunny above remind you of something we posted HERE... yes indeed :-)

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