"Eiranin: the Snow Patrolling Polar Explorer" custom by MAp-MAp!

We don't ever get enough MAp-MAp in our lives... but are stoked to see his latest custom commission, the awesome "Eiranin: the Snow Patrolling Polar Explorer"... that was once a Panda King by Angry Woebots! "Most days it's the usual scoping out of tundra lost travelers, with a small "found you fee" to keep the boot spikes sharp and the hammer heavy. But when everyone is safe in the huts and cabins Eiranin will trek out deeper through the true ice lands, to delve into Her ancestor trinket filled past, which then obviously appear at the local museum." With massive amounts of added sculpted details along with some rad accessories to boot... this custom from MAp-MAp is a great way to kick of 2016... and we hope more will soon follow!

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