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"Blanx" Customizable Action Figures... Kickstarter is now live!!!

Although we normally don't post up Action Figures, persay, more along the lines of bootleg hand made one-off figures... we had to make the exception for this new crowdfunded project up on Kickstarter right now... introducing the "Blanx" action figure project! These customizable "blanks" comes in 1/18th scale and feature a wide range of motion joints, O-ring body style, unpainted, in gray and fleshtone... and the pledge tires are insane... a wide range of swappable heads, so rad!

Created by Michael Norman, who's been in the toy and collectibles industry for nearly two decades and worked with companies like Gentle Giant, Art Asylum, Toy Biz, Weta, and most recently Sideshow Collectibles. He's sculpted action figures and statues of many Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean characters just to name a few... and wants to bring his BLANX line of figure to life! Head on over HERE right now to help make this project a reality... and check out the amazing customs based on the 'Alpha' figure... awesome!

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