'Darth Samurai' resin art multiple from Artmymind!!!

The new 'Darth Samurai' is a figure designed, sculpted and handcasted in resin by Artmymind... and is an obvious homage to everyone's favorite Star Wars villain 'Darth Vader'! Standing exactly 3" tall, this stout little fella is available in both the "Crimson" variant edition and the 'OG' Black edition! The "Crimson" is limited to just 15 pieces and is retailing for $95 a pop, where the 'OG' Black edition is an open run for 72 hours and is retailing for $85 each! These figure are manually painted with love and painstaking care but can present little variations due to the nature of the materials used. Artmymind will do their very best to get them shipped before Christmas, but can't guarantee that they'll be on time if customs decides to play with them... so please allow 40 to 60 days before shipping. Head on over HERE right now to snag one!

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