Colus × Kidrobot’s “Ravenous” Art Toy Raven Revealed!

Unfortunately when I visited artist Colus's DesignerCon booth, he wasn't around… so I wasn't able to talk to him about prototype reveal! Well, we actually previously revealed this piece roughly half a year ago, but the revelation this time around was that Kidrobot had stepped in to produce the piece. Loosely inspired by his "The Harvester" 3-inch Dunny design, from the 2014 series "The Art of War," this more realistic raven interpretation shares the same design on the forehead and is titled, tentatively, “Ravenous.” The prototype on display was still measuring roughly the same as the one disclosed previously — 7⅓" (length) × 4" (tall) × 3⅕" (width) — and it was perfectly sized, though a minor upscale to 8- or 9-inches would certainly be okay with me!

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