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Scraped Resin's bootleg "Mariachi Sauce: Cease and Desist" edition!!!

When you try to pay tribute to something you love, and receive a cease-and-desist letter in response, it stings like someone whipping hot sauce in your eye... and that exactly the idea Scraped Resin is trying to channel with his latest piece: Mariachi Sauce – Cease and Desist edition.

You see, this is the story of a mariachi who specialized in singing cover songs. He’d put his own unique spin on every ballad he sang, both making it his own while paying honor to the original. The crowd showed their appreciation by tossing him a few coins after each performance, which was just enough for new guitar strings and the occasional torta. One day, the mariachi received an email through the contact form submission on his website, and he was shocked to see it was from a record company! Had they heard about his ability and wanted to offer him a gig? No, it was instead a cease-and-desist letter, demanding that he immediately stop diluting their brand by singing his covers. “How dare you apply your creativity to our intellectual property!” they scolded, threatening the mariachi with a team of corporate lawyers. “Aye-yi-yi!” whispered the mariachi as he realized the error of his ways. “Better play it safe from now on,” he thought, tossing his guitar out the window. His creativity stifled, he did what any mariachi in his position would do: He became a door-to-door salsa salesman!

This 3.75” resin figure, kitbashed from vintage action figure parts, is magnetically articulated at the arms and sombrero, and features a wide variety of candy-colored mixed parts. Every Mariachi Sauce figure comes carded with a random hot sauce packet and a signed cease-and-desist letter! Edition of 16 / sold blind / $40 each and available HERE right now!

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