Kidrobot x Southpark - "The Many Faces of Cartman" Blind Box series & "AWESOM-O" 8-inch figure announced!!!

Kidrobot and South Park have teamed up once again to release a brand new capsule this fall! The capsule will include a great looking new Blind Box Mini Series entitled "The Many Faces of Cartman"... and it's just that, Cartman rocking all the amazing and outrageous outfits over the years! This 3" Blind Box Mini Series is individually blind-packaged and retails for only $11.99. We think it's one thing to do a series on all the characters in South Park, but Kidrobot decided to just focous on Cartman, and we think that was a great choice. This series is a ton of fun and we love all the different versions of this "big boned" little boy! The Many Faces of Cartman Series is available right now at Kidrobot.com.
Also, They thought that the "AWESOM-O" cardboard robot that Cartman created needed to be a stand alone figure so they went and made a massive 8" version of it... and how rad is that!?!?! AWESOM-O has a removable box-head that lifts to reveal Cartman! The AWESOM-O Medium Figure will retail for $60 a pop and will be available very soon! Keep the good coming, Kidrobot, we are digging what we are seeing!

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