Brent Nolasco x Leecifer - SubUrban Vinyl NYCC Exclusives announced!!!

SubUrban Vinyl has teamed up with Brent Nolasco and Leecifer to bring you 2 exclusive figures for New York Comic Con... and we finally get to see them in their full painted glory!!! First up is Brent Nolascos "Sonny" Midnight Bloom edition. Sonny is a fun and friendly bat, and he's rocking a beautiful paint application! The whole figure is sculpted by Brent Nolasco and he stands at just 6" tall to the tip of his ears! This solid resin figure is hand painted by Brent and this particular colorway is limited to 5 pieces and will retail for $100 a pop!

The second one is a collaboration with Brent and Leecifer called "Bat Sister"...  in the Morning Glory edition! This is a collaboration figure... so it features a head sculpted by Lee and the body sculpted by Brent! Each figure in this edition is painted by Brent Nolasco, and just like her counterpart, she stands 6" tall as well! Limited to just 4 pieces, this resin figure will retail for $100 a pop. Both will be available at the SubUrban Vinyl booth #208 in 'The Block'. Brent and Leecifer will be at the booth signing on Friday from 1-2. They will also have some different customs and pieces available as well.

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