myplasticheart presents: "Parlor Tricks" new works by doubleparlour!!!

myplasticheart is proud to present "Parlor Tricks", an exhibition featuring new works by San Francisco art duo doubleparlour. Specializing in handcrafted resin sculptures, they will be introducing a cast of new and mysterious characters highlighting their propensity for the odd and fantastical.

The theme is inspired by magic and the art of deception. There are magicians who carefully guard their secrets. The smiling assistants hold their breath as danger gliders past so close. Carnival performers display feats that amaze and baffle the crowds.” -doubleparlour
doubleparlour produces work in a variety of mediums; however, their primary focus is on making hand­formed sculptures and embellished cast resin figures. The work includes a broad range of characters including animal hybrids, mutated humans, and anthropomorphic figures. If you are in the New York area... this show is not to be missed! The opening reception is on Saturday, September 12th 2015 from 7pm-10pm. Both artists will be in attendance... and both are rad to talk with, so be sure to check out the show!

Source [MPH Press]

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