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Mechawhales from Hauke Sheer... are AWESOME!!!

What! Crazy mech whale robots from the sea that have come to save mankind are onto their 5th animation?!?! Yes!!! Artist Hauke Scheer shares with us today his newest "Mechawhales" animation, and it's just as kick ass as the others! "After defeating the Overlord of the Alien Invaders, the Mechawhales won a shaky truce. Now they must steer the new Alien Leader to a permanent path of peace. But with an extremist group inside the Alien military planning to ignite the war once more, will their endeavor be successful?" Hauke mentions that the "Mechawhales" collector figures are still available for wholesale via DKE Toys... stock however has been selling quite well in the last months and supply is dwindling down, so anyone still interested in them should get them rather sooner then later... you can also snag them up from Hauke HERE right now!

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