Huck Gee's "DAME #11" announced!!!

Just yesterday we posted up a teaser for a brand new massive resin art multiple that Huck Gee was so diligently working on... and today, the official announcement is here! Introducing "DAME #11"... a massive 'Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement' mech that comes with a "Dapper Little Scoundrel" as the pilot... and if you notice, this Pilot is one of Hucks very own "The Blank" platform figure... the very first time he has utilized this new figure! Standing a whopping 15" tall, the pilot does fit inside but, just like the real thing, it's a tight fit. Limited to only 10 pieces, each one comes signed and numbered and will set you back $1800 + S&H. Anyone interested in adding this beauty to your collection please email sales@huckgee.com ASAP before they're gone.... so rad, and another reason why Huck is still at the forefront of the designer toy scene!

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