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What lies under his spiked leather mask? "Sammy (Sado Friend)" will never tell!

When Clive Barker was writing The Hellbound Heart, he drew inspiration from many fringe elements of the '80s, including the burgeoning BDSM scene. And this influence is, possibly, best summed up in his film interpretation — Hellraiser — when the leather-clad antagonist proclaims that him and his kind are "Explorers… in the further regions of experience. Demons to some, angels to others." This mentality is perfectly captured in the rather cute looking "Sammy (Sado Friend)" sculptural work by Sebastian Ale. This forthcoming 3¾-inch tall resin figure is described thusly:
Sammy is a delivery of fantasies, his job is answering the calls of avid customers searching for new and exciting experiences. Sammy does not speak, he only listens, smiles and execute. For him there's not an impossible ,sufficiently risky or weird fantasy, in the sammy's world, everything is possible, you just have to call and wait until he knocks your door.
While only the prototype is currently created, production is on the horizon and one can keep abreast of the status by following the character's own dedicated Facebook page.

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