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Unbox Industries's "La Planète sauvage: Tiva" Vinyl Figure Available Now!

While Stefan Wul was the author of Oms en série, it was a surrealist interpretation by French writer and artist Roland Topor that most people recognize today: the cult animation La Planète sauvage (Fantastic Planet) from 1973. Detailing a future in which Draags, a race of gigantic humanoids, keep Oms — humans — as tiny pets, Unbox Industries have officially licensed this classic cinema adaptation from Argos Films and will be releasing a series of figures inspired by Topor's interpretations. Beginning with "Tiva" (pictured), the 'main' Draag character, she stands 8⅔-inches tall and has two points of articulation. Cast is soft vinyl and packaged in a gated, full-color box, this piece is available for pre-order now in the Unbox Industries's online shop for $65 apiece, with an expected shipping date at the end of June. Though sadly lacking her Om 'pet' as an accessory, we hope that future releases in this line will include to-scale pieces along those lines.

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