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"The Blank" - a new soon to be released platform figure by Huck Gee!!!

In the most recent issue of Clutter Magazine (go grab it HERE) they have a really great in depth interview with artist Huck Gee where they touch on all kinds of things... like where he came from, what he's been up to, and what he has planned for the future... and one thing that caught our eye is what you see above... "The Blank"!!! Yes sir... a brand new platform figure that Huck created that is about to rock the socks off the designer toy world. Details are still scant about the release (like how big they will be and what the edition size is), but what we do know is that it will happen this summer, it will be resin, they will have articulation, and all will be made right here in the USA by Huck and his team!
Huck mentions in the article "The Blank is not done. I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be done. The first release is version 1.0 but I’m going to constantly refine it. As I work with it, figure out how to improve on it and update it. Release constant variations. I already have version 1.1 and 1.2 on the drawing board. Let’s have fun with it. Working here in California with my own team, my own molds and resin, I can be nimble and I can innovate. This is gonna be fun."... and from the looks of the concepts that we see above, there are a ton of possibilities! We noticed right away the "Skullhead" character that continually pops up in Huck's work, as well as some new additions... like the "Bottlehead", haha! Big things are in the works... and like we mentioned before, go read the entire article in its entirety HERE right now! More to be revealed in the coming months... so get ready!

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