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"NOXIOUS" sofubi Kickstarter project launched... help make this "putrid ball of scum" reality!!!

We here at SpankyStokes love monsters... so seeing the "NOXIOUS" Kickstarter project launch makes us really happy, probably more so then it should, but just like you all, we are toy people, so seeing new toys pop up is a good thing! That being said, Luke Telford, a Designer/Artist based in the UK, just launched a rad campaign HERE to hopefully get his first creature produced in sofubi, Japanese vinyl! Luke mentions "I have always had a love for toys, Monsters and strange creatures! Growing up surround by the weird and wonderful of the toy world, I cut my teeth early on toy culture. After discovering Sofubi and designer toys as an adult I was immediately hooked, becoming an avid collector and toy enthusiast." sound familiar... kinda like most of us :-)
Luke decided to take the leap from collector to creator and started up CHOKEHAZRD TOYS... and for his first release, "NOXIOUS"!!! This beast is a "putrid ball of scum, spawned by raw sewage being dumped into the sea by the local sewer works. These creatures manifest in large groups just to cause havoc and destruction for their short lives. It's rare to see a pristine specimen of this creature. As soon as they spawn they begin to decay and rot, before eventually being consumed by other creatures and entering our food chain." The vinyl Sofubi toy will stand at 6.5" tall, will be comprised of 6 parts including articulated arms and legs as well as a removable eye, so collectors can swap eyes between toys... clever, and for Kickstarter, there are various levels to pledge to get all differnt colorways like "Purple", "Green", and "GID"! Head on over HERE right now and pledge... we know this figure would look great in most all vinyl collections!!!

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