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HealeyMade‘s “3.75 Series: Hooded” Star Wars & G.I. Joe hybrid!

Art toy auteur David "HealeyMade" Healey continues his popular line of 3¾-inch tall action figures — which he's called the 3.75 Series — with the newest addition to his mashed-up universe: "Hooded!" Using the body design from Boba Fett and the hooded head of Cobra Commander, this design was originally created in 2005 but never released until now… Thus what a wonderful manner in which to celebrate the design's 10th year of conceptual life! These ultra limited edition figures have been cast by the artist's own hand in resin and then hand-painted in the monochromatic color palate pictured. Packaged in a very special container, the actual bubble is even resealable! Available now in HealeyMade's online shop for $75 apiece.

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