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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry… Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Hulk Ollie!"

Whether your preferred version is Incredible or Rampaging, illustrated by Jack Kirby or Dale Keown, depicted by Lou Ferrigno or Mark Ruffalo, Marvel Comic's character of the Hulk certainly endures. Rich Montanari's Mutant Vinyl Hardcore offers forth a new version of his popular 13½-inch tall "Ollie" figure in tribute to this classic & tragic superhero with the pictured "Hulk Ollie" release! Cast in Gamma irradiated green vinyl — meaning it glows-in-the-dark — these pieces have been hand-painted with bright green, dark green, metallic green, florescent pink, and purple sprays. Temporarily constrained by metal chest chains, the overwhelming demand for this piece means that Mutant Vinyl Hardcore will be holding a 24-hour lottery to purchase. To enter, just visit the lotteries section of the MVH site, which is already accepting entries and will continue to do so until 8:59PM Pacific time tonight (May 29th, 2015). Cross your fingers and hope you're one of the lucky few picked to purchase this $190 apiece figures!

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