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What the Jiangshi?!? J★RYU's Chinese hopping "Pokket Vampire!"

If you're attending the Shanghai Comic Convention this weekend, then prepare for a special treat from JRYU. Using one of my personal favorite folktales as a basis, the pictured "Pokket Vampire" teaser above is obviously an interpretation of China's jiangshi, or 'hopping' vampire. Usually attired in official garments from the Qing Dynasty, these 'stiff corpses' (the literal meaning of the name) are more akin to the Western zombie than the vampire, being unable to bend its limbs and body, so it has to move around by hopping while keeping its arms stretched out for mobility! The dead giveaway that this is a jiangshi is the Taoist priest's powerful Talisman applied to the forehead; these charms are typically represented by a yellow strip of paper that has a blessing, which blocks the passage of evil spirits, written upon it in chicken blood. I can't wait to see the finished piece revealed!

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