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Tomodachi's impressive "Swashbuckling Judith" custom Dunny!

Swedish born artist Emelie Jensen, also known as Tomodachi, has created her very first 3" Dunny commission and while she was initially "daunted by working on something so small," her immaculate paint applications and strong design skills resulted in the truly impressive piece pictured. Titled "Swashbuckling Judith," this character has quite the interesting backstory:
She is the Queen of Candy Coves sister, believe it or not. Several years ago she was caught leaving the Island on a pirate ship that was passing by. Now she travels the seven seas together with her pirate mateys in search of treasure. Some say that she's lost her mind, but who knows. She's not set foot on Tomodachi Island since she left so these are only rumors. She was last seen on a ship heading towards Switzerland.
Created upon the canvas of a Sword Swallower Dunny, I love the tiny details like the collection of skull beads decorating her hat. This was a commissioned work of art, though she currently is accepting more commissions and you can get an amazing piece of hers by contacting her HERE.

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