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Small Angry Monster x Goodleg Toys - "War On Prehis" phase 2 announced!!!

After the quick sell-out of their very first "WAR ON PREHIS X SMALL ANGRY MONSTER" creations a couple of months ago, Goodleg Toys teamed up with Adam Pratt once again for another WoP figure run, featuring his over-the-top paintjobs! Phase 2 will be limited to four pieces only, two 'Battlesaurs' and two 'Drones', available in Battlesaur vs. Drone 2-packs. (Purple Battlesaur vs. red Mace Drone, yellow-brown Battlesaur vs. green Claw Drone.) The 10" Battlesaurs come with five points of articulation where the Drones with three points of articulation. Drones will be bagged with header, including a WoP mini-comic. The Battlesaurs are converted vinyl Godzilla knock-offs. The conversion kits and Drones are made of resin. All handmade of course... and all awesome! Priced at $150 a set plus shipping, the figures will touch down HERE starting tomorrow - May 14th, 11pm GMT+1 (Berlin time)!!!

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