Joe Ledbetter's "Lava-Cat" is ready to explode!!!

Joe Ledbetter shows off his latest iteration of his self produced "Cat" figure.... the "Lava-Cat". Standing 11-inches tall, "Lava-Cat" is a limited edition of just 100 pieces and this hot kitty features a split tongue of "stealth flames" bursting from its mouth, a unique facial expression, a cool halftoned dot pattern in the mouth and 5 points of articulation. Overseeing every step of the process, Lava-Cat is designed, produced, and released byJoe and it will be available directly (and exclusively) through Joe Ledbetter’s webstore HERE beginning Friday, May 8 at 8am PST for $115 a pop! If you are a fan of Joe's other "Lava" designs... this figure is a must!!!

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