Support Luke Chueh's "Dissected" vinyl sculpture now on Kickstarter NOW!

Artist & creator Luke Chueh is thrilled to announce his newest project, which is very near and dear to his heart: "Dissected" — a brand new vinyl sculpture that reveals that Chueh's classic bear characters are more human than anyone previously realized! Measuring 6" [h] × 6" [w] × 5½" [d], "Dissected" will be fully factory painted to approximate the look of Luke's original "Anthropomorphized" painting (upon which it is based). To produce this amazing piece, Chueh has created his very first Kickstarter campaign alongside his partners for this project: Clutter Magazine, a 10 year veteran of the designer toy world, and Unbox Industries, a skilled and reputable producer of vinyl toys. Visit the Kickstarter campaign for more information and make sure you watch the amazing video, if nothing else!

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