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Otto Bjornik’s “Bai Chu the Bloodthirsty” Chinese hopping vampire resin figure... announced!!!

Previously known as “Eddie the Jiangshi,” the title of impeccable artist Otto Björnik’s Chinese hopping vampire has become the much more appropriate “Bai Chu the Bloodthirsty”... pronounced 'Bite You' ... haha! Based on the Chinese folklore about the jiangshi, or 'hopping' vampire, Björnik’s rendition has the sacred scroll affixed to the forehead by way of magnets within the resin cast creation. His magnetic restraining talisman with the words “I Hunger” written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy is removable, and you may need to reattach it should Bai Chu prove too much to handle!, says Otto... and we kinda believe him in this case :-)

Standing 5.5" tall, and limited to just 35 pieces for the initial run, each one is hand-cast and hand-painted by the artist, and we expect that these will cost several hundred dollars apiece (price and release date are still TBD)... but know that they will be worth every penny. Just looking at the craftsmanship on this piece has us "ALL IN" on it!!! For more information on the impending release, please follow Björnik on Instagram.

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