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Like skulls???? DMS & Alto serve up a plethora of "Skelevex" releases for ToyCon UK!!!

Honestly... there is almost too much awesomeness to be contained in this just one single post, but we will try to convey how rad all of these new "Skelevex" resin art multiple releases are for you the best that we can. Releasing at ToyCon UK will be a whole grip of these geometric skulls created by artist Alto and cast up and painted by DMS. From small to large, production to custom, they will have it all at their booth including: Mini Skelevex Stone Dead. Open edition, £10 each • Mini Skelevex Mummy: Open Grave edition (open edition) £15 each • Mini Skelevex: Dead Presidents. Mystery edition, unknown design and run. A pay what you want experiment • Midi (3.5") Skelevex: Red Dead. Limited to 4 pieces £40 each • Midi Skelevex: Stone Dead. Limited to 50 (only 2 pieces at ToyCon) £40 each • Midi Skelevex: Deathmetal. Limited to 4 pieces. £45 each • Midi Skelevex: DIY or Die. Limited to 25, 4 pieces at ToyCon, £40 each • Midi Skelevex: R.I.P (Rust in Pieces). One off piece, £40 • Midi Skelevex: Warhead. Limited to 4 pieces, £40 each • Full sized Skelevex (5") Undead. One off DMS custom, £100 • Full sized Skelevex: Black Death Deluxe. One off piece • Full sized Skelevex: Sithlord. One off DMS custom, £150 • Full sized Skelevex: Pinhead. One off DMS custom, £125 • Full sized Skelevex: Kompleks. One off custom by Jessica Esper, £175 • There are also one off custom pieces by Jon-Paul Kaiser and RunDMB. Soooooo... if you plan on attending, go check out all these fantastic pieces!!!
SpankyStokes's Skelevex  TOYCON album on Photobucket

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