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How "Ravenous" does this new figure look from Colus?!?!

Drawing some minor inspiration from his "Harvester" 3-inch Dunny design, Colus went forth and started on a brand new project... and above are the fruits of his labor! Designed by Colus using a 3D program and then output in his own studio, this "Raven" - tentatively being called "Ravenous" - stands 3.2"W x 4"T x 7.3" L... and is getting a super positive response on all social media. Right now, it's a good fun size that's not too big, but upping the scale so that its 8" - 9" long would also work fairly nicely as a larger art toy figure.

There is one thing holding him back... production! As of right now, he is on the hunt looking for a company to possibly produce this... he's also kicking around the idea of starting to buy equipment and make his own runs on the sculpts he prints. In any case, and whatever he decides, this would look awesome as a resin art multiple or as a mass produced vinyl figure. If you are a company looking to produce a boss figure... get ahold of Colus!

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