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Fugi.me x RYCA - "Acid Tropper" & "Long Suffering Trooper" ToyCon 2015 exclusives announced!!!

Fugi.me is excited to announce the 5th exclusive artist for their ToyConUK 2015 booth... The smiley face obsessed RYCA! There is a bunch of stuff going to be up for grabs like the above pictured "Acid Tropper" that is a carded 3D resin figure... limited to just 5 pieces, and retailing for £25 each, these drippy dudes, although a bit messy, look great carded up! Also up for grabs will be what he is calling the "Long Suffering Trooper", an 18" tall resin sculpture that features a Stormtrooper crucified on a cross. There will be 1 GOLD and 1 SILVER up for grabs for £375 each... even more will be up for grabs, so be sure to hit up the Fugi.me booth at ToyCon!

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