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Cometdebris’s Kappa Shonen 'KappaBorg' in clear red sofubi for ToyCon UK... is FREE!!!

Joining the “Kappa Kid” pieces revealed HERE and HERE, the above pictured “Clear Red Vinyl” version of the “Kappa Shonen” figure in the all new 'KappaBorg' edition will be accompanying Koji “Cometdebris” Harmon on his upcoming trip to London’s York Hall for this year’s ToyCon UK. Depicting a shōnen, or young adult male, rendition of a kappa river imp from Japanese folklore, this 6½-inch tall edition is cast in clear red vinyl and includes printed insides... making for a really cool look! Oh... and it's FREE, with one little hitch. All you need to do is purchase 4 Cometdebris figures at the convention, and you get this amazing figure fro FREE. If that's not incentive to spend your money at Koji' booth, we don't know what is!

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