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2PetalRose's Female Samurai "Maiko" in four unique color versions for ToyConUK!

The "Maiko" resin sculpture from 2PetalRose will be available at this year's ToyConUK courtesy of OneSixthBruce, whose booth will be offering four one-of-a-kind, hand-painted variants of the stunning 13½-inch tall figure. Named after the Japanese term for an apprentice geisha in western Japan, especially Kyoto, all of these "Maiko" (舞妓) pieces are garbed in traditional samurai helmets with braided leather straps and sport a custom-made cotton Maiko Darari Obi. From the tip of her katana sword down to the flats of her okobo clogs, each of the these "Maiko" versions are formidable art pieces, especially with the lovely laser cut acrylic bases that include bushido engraved headstones! Extremely reasonable at £200 (approx. $299) apiece.

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