Ken Keirns 'Sirens & Horns' & James "Jimbot" Demski 'Return of the Wanderlust' exhibits at Rotofugi!!!

The folks over at Rotofugi are happy to have Ken Keirns back in their gallery for a new exhibit entitled "Sirens & Horns". Ken returns for his seventh solo exhibit, making him easily the artist Rotofugi has hosted the most... and for good reason! Ken's exploration of animals always intrigued us, and this new body of work looks awesome... one to not miss! First availability of exhibit pieces will be at the gallery when they open at 11am. Gallery Previews email list members will be able to make purchases via email starting at 2PM the day of the opening which is slated for Friday, April 10 2015 at 7-10pm with the exhibit running through May 3, 2015!

Also on deck for an April 10th opening is the "Return of the Wanderlust" solo show featuring brand new works by James "Jimbot" Demski! Milwaukee-based artist James "Jimbot" Demski will have a mini-exhibit in Rotofugi's side gallery that will feature robots, birds and well... all kinds of quirky concoctions... and if that show flyer (above) is any indication of what we can come to expect... count us in!!! This exhibit continues through May 3, 2015 - so be sure to head on out to see the pieces in person!

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