Scott Tolleson's 'Lotus Dragon' to be produced as an 8" Dunny?!?!

Scott Tolleson's "Lotus Dragon" Dunny from the 3" EVOLVED series was one of the most popular designs to be released in 2014, let alone a fan favorite for best Dunny ever... that being said, one rabid Tolleson fan started an online petition back in April of 2014 to see if Kidrobot would produce this 3" design as a much larger 8" version. As the months rolled on, people over on the Kidrobot forum started to sign up saying that they all wanted to see a larger version of this fantastic design... and just yesterday, Kidrobot Guru said a few simple words to indicate that all the sign-ups really did pay off "You have been heard... 2015. Discuss."... that's right folks, the Lotus Dragon will be released as an 8" version later on this year... the only question we have now, will it be an exact replica of the 3" version, or will there be some modifications?!?! Time will tell! Moral of the story... Kidrobot does listen to their fans, so go out and start being vocal :-) Let's get a Stroll Dunny made!!!

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