Robotic Industries x Fugi.me - "JOB BOTS" collectible figures announced!!!

Robotic Industries is back with a brand new release, and the folks over at Fugi.me are stoked to be hosting the first exclusive release of the "JOB BOTS"!!! Introducing "Luke" and "Theo"... standing just 3.5” tall, these bots are set to release as a striking orange colorway. Priced at just £35($55) each, they will be available exclusively from www.fugi.me, dropping at 7pm London time on the 5th of March!!!
There will only be 4 of each bot available in this first phase... oh, and the most exciting thing about the "Job Bots", is their interchangeability. Each bot comes apart in to 3 sections, head, body and legs. They can then be mix and matched to make your own unique "Job Bot" (check out the video above). So what's that mean to you??? Well, future releases, new colorways, and new robots will also have this feature... so before long you will be swapping until your hearts content. Don't miss out on this release!!!

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