EXCLUSIVE: All FOUR of Kidrobot's new 'Bot figures REVEALED!

Remember when we spotted that brand new "Bull 'Bot" at Toy Fair NY (see HERE) and then, the very next day, a "Muscle Beach 'Bot" was uncovered (see HERE)? Well, it turns out that they have friends… In fact, Kidrobot were preparing a series of four "store mascot" 'Bots to represent their Boulder, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York shops. A few store closings later, which remain a sensitive subject for some, and the four store mascots were shelved… But time heals all wounds, so the four above pictured 'Bots won't be sitting idly by anymore, they will become vinyl tributes to what once was and what will be. Limited to varied quantities amongst the four, the retail price is slated for $14.99 each with a release date (pending port issues) in March 2015. These will be available from kidrobot.com, BAIT, and select speciality retailers.

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