'Arts Unknown' is closing up shop... but not before having a HUGE SALE!!!

It’s with a heavy heart that we tell you that 'Arts Unknown' will no longer continue to make art toys. But, what is a sad day for them may well end up being a happy one for a lot of people because they are having a "Closing Down Sale" and are applying two huge discounts to all of their products that are in stock: Everything in their store is 60% off, and for every two pieces you buy, you get a third one completely FREE! ALSO, amongst this sale (and eligible for both discounts) are four new pieces that haven’t been released previously: A new Bella Delamere colorway called “The Dinner Party”, a new William, Reginald, and Henry colorway called “Blue Sunshine”, a new Slugilicious colorway titled “Gold”, and a new Slugilicious colorway titled “Black”. So what are you waiting for... head on over HERE right now to snag up some rad figures at a discounted rate!

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