Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "'Wasteland Warrior' Berserker" is straight outta the post-apocalyptic '80s!

"Wasteland Waaaarrrrrriiiorsss! Come out and pla-ee-ay!" Starting in 1979, films like The Warriors and Mad Max heralded in a gangland meets post-apocalyptic movie trend that would be the basis of many an '80s cult classic. Inspired by this scorched earth cinema, Rich Montanari's Mutant Vinyl Hardcore offers forth the "Wasteland Warrior" rendition of his 13½-inch tall "Berserker" figure. This evolution of the classic "Ollie" piece from MVH has been cast in pale flesh soft vinyl and has been painted with neon red, muted purple, metallic green, and silver, each coming with two sets of hands, one to hold the haunted battle axe and one to display the severed head/spiked ball omake. Due to the overwhelming demand for this piece, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore will be holding a 24-hour lottery to purchase. To enter, just visit the lotteries section of the MVH site, which will be updated with the release at some point today (Friday, January 30th, 2015). Throw on your copy of John Carpenter's Escape from New York soundtrack, cross your fingers, and hope you're one of the lucky few picked to purchase this $200 apiece figures!

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