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Prepare for sadness… CANCELLED: Kidrobot's "Army of Snipers Dunny Series!"

Coming directly after the announcement that Kidrobot's new regime cancelled the already in-progress 8-inch Dunny from Jesse Hernandez, it appears that they've also cancelled the previously teased "Army of Snipers Dunny Series." Pictured herein are actual vectors for the accepted concepts, including ones from J★RYU (above-top photo), Angry Woebots (above-bottom photo), Boosher (below left), and Scribe + Alisa "40 Threads" Ross (below right). While the line-up of the Army of Snipers international arts collective includes many more talented individuals, just these three snippets into what could've been is enough to make us cry. Heck, just seeing how close we were to getting that amazing J★RYU production piece is enough alone! One can only hope that, as stellar as these are, they are being put aside to make way for something even better… but only time will tell on that front.

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