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Crux's "Sparky the Spacepirate" custom Mini Munny for the online Space Pirates exhibition!

Not satisfied to simpy have hit the scene hard with his very distinct, beautiful customization style, artist Crux now has organized an online gallery exhibition of customs entitled "Space Pirates." Featuring an international array of artists, this space pirate themed show is now viewable HERE, including the pictured piece by Crux himself, "Sparky the Spacepirate." Sparky is a 4-inch tall Munny that was redetailed using Super Sculpy clay then hand-painted in acrylics, resulting in a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. Even the clothing was custom made, the handywork of Crux's wife, "Claraphi." Sparky is available now from Crux's online shop, this tightly constructed unique piece costing a mere $180.

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