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Brandt Peters × Ferg's "GOHSTBAT [Yeti Wizrd]" Terror Boys Squadt… Retailer Edition!

The more horror influenced "Terror Boys" Squadt series by Brandt Peters and Ferg will be coming back for more… The previously released "GOHSTBAT [Yeti Wizrd - Northern]" will be released in the above teased "GOHSTBAT [Yeti Wizrd - Western]" retailer edition! Standing 6-inches tall, this vinyl/ABS piece gets a dirtier, more out-of-the-woods look… Wearing a dirty grey furry costume and coming with a removable tan/brown helmet, we're guessing this piece also includes two sets of arms (classic & 2.1), two sets of lenses, and some sort of cane or other handheld accessory. Due out late next week, this piece will be available from art toy retailers everywhere.

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