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Bad Teeth Comics × Double Haunt's Hedorah inspired "Mini Cheestroyer" figure run!

Inspired by the classic look of M1's "Hedorah" figure (pictured above on the right), Bad Teeth Comics issues forth a micro edition of his "Mini Cheestroyer" vinyl figure — originally sculpted by Double Haunt — in the "Toxic Smog Monster" colorway. The roughly 4¾-inch tall piece has been pulled in light pink vinyl and sprayed with yellow, red, metallic purple, silver, and black Monster Kolor paints. Featuring three points of articulation, at the head, waist, and burger shell, this micro edition of figures is available now in Bad Teeth Comics's online shop for $45 apiece and a limited number will be available at this upcoming weekend's Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Australia.

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