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ArtmyMind's steampunk "Storm Samurai" Dunny customs in "Abyss" & "Hallow Squad" editions!

ArtmyMind's fantastic "Storm Samurai" figure evolves the profile of a 3-inch Dunny into a unique sculpt that incorporates elements of the feudal Japanese Samurai warrior, the Storm Trooper armor from the Star Wars films, and even steampunk inspired notes throughout. This original sculpt has been molded and cast in resin, then hand-painted in ultra-limited editions. Last night, on Halloween, ArtmyMind surprised all by dropping two versions — both of which are shockingly still available: the "Hollow Squad" (below left), which is made-to-order but only available until Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 at 5PM Pacific time, and the "Abyss Edition" (below right), which is limited to 13 hand-painted pieces. Both coming with the standard fantastic accessory of this figure, these are available now in ArtmyMind's online store for €79 and €83 respectively, or approximately $99 and $104.

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