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A designer toy with beer being its main inspiration?!?! Sign us up!!!

Artist Alexander Michelbach has been very busy developing a brand new figure/platform over the past few months and is really excited to finally dhow it off... and this is a toy unlike no other as it's related to the Beer Culture! His name is "Brewce" and Alex decided to add some beer related details to it. The hair looks like hops, one of the main ingredients in beer, and his belly... well there's a placeholder, with a small magnet ring and in this area it's possible to place a beer crown cap... SWEET!!! Each 5.9" tall Brewce kit/package will be delivered with 3 custom Metal Beer Caps. All that being said... it's now time for you to put down your brew, head on over HERE, and help get this figure made as they have launched a crowd funding campaign with a ton of tiers you can pledge in to help make this figure a reality! So yes... like the old adage goes, you can have your cake and eat it too... well, in this case... you can have your brew and display it too!!!

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