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2PetalRose's Female Samurai "Maiko" Resin Figure Returns… in the "Maiko II" customs!

The previously announced "Maiko II" figure from 2PetalRose will be available soon in 2PetalRose's online shop, presumably for £150 (approx. $255) apiece. Named after the Japanese term for an apprentice geisha in western Japan, especially Kyoto, "Maiko II" (舞妓2) is garbed in a traditional samurai helmet with banner waving behind her… giving this figure is almost feminist in appeal, showing a very traditional looking woman taking up a non-traditional & even gender breaking attire. With each piece completely hand-crafted, we're getting the impression that the pictured first three versions of this new edition are one-offs and — perhaps — that all 10 copies of the "Maiko II" micro edition will be unique! We'll keep you informed about these amazing hand-painted, 12-inch tall resin figures which feature hand-stitched helmets, , specially printed Maiko obi, katana (sword) accessories, and each a wood banner with reversible print flag.

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