Science Patrol's Kamen Rider Drive themed "Monochochin" soft Japanese vinyl yōkai-inspired figures!

Science Patrol's "Monochochin" is named after (and based upon) a specific tsukumogami, that is to say a paper lantern that has survived 100 years and thus turned into a yōkai or supernatural creature. Unleashing three colorways of the "Monochochin" simultaneously, Science Patrol has made a "Halloween 2k14" series that is inspired by the brand new TV series Kamen Rider Drive (仮面ライダードライブ)… from left to right above, interpretations of Tire Exchange Shift Cars "Funky Spike," "Max Flare," and "Midnight Shadow." Priced to move at only $9 apiece, these micro editions are available now in Science Patrol's online store.

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