Falcontoys's bootleg "Blacula" figure... his bite is outta sight!!!

New from Falcontoys comes the one and only..."Blacula"!!! This is one strange dude who is literally dressed to kill. On a nightly quest for human blood and the love of a woman, Blacula wreaks unholy havoc on the mean streets of LA. The "Blacula" figure, inspired by the movie of the same name and will be available HERE this Halloween - Friday, October 31st for $55 plus shipping at 5pm CST. Each fully-articulated figure is carded in the new re-sealable Falcontoys clamshell and will come with a bag of Halloween treats including a Blacula sticker designed by RENONE LAB. The Blacula action figure is cast in resin and hand painted. Limited to just 20 pieces, don't miss out on this classic bootleg!

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