Buff Monster's "The Melty Misfits: Series 2" Cards, Shirts, and Uncut Sheets... online NOW!!!

Buff Monster's "The Melty Misfits: Series 2" cards were released last week in NYC... and now, they are all up for grabs online HERE right now!!! These are offset printed using custom-inks on custom-made sticker stock, kiss-cut and packaged in vintage-style wax wrappers. Series 2 features 41 new characters, all hand-painted using acrylic and airbrush on watercolor paper. Each pack of 7 cards retails for $5 and could contain a golden ticket, original sketch cards, signed cards, foil cards, lenticulars, variants and errors. The unopened boxes will contain a full set, 2 signed cards, 1 special gold card, several foil cards, variants and errors, as well as a 4-card uncut sheet and an “Available Here” poster. Besides the cards, Buff also has uncut sheets, signed by Buff Monster, new shirts featuring blue ink, and new blue padded binders (with enough sleeves for a complete set and some extras). So go HERE now, and stay melty!

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