BLObPUS × Masayoshi Hanawa × Lulubell Toy Bodega's "Devilish Baby (Jack-o'-Lantern)" Lottery!

The other day we teased this amazing "Devilish Baby (Jack-o'-Lantern)" figure by BLObPUS × Masayoshi Hanawa × Lulubell Toy Bodega and now the remaining pieces of the micro edition are available strictly through a lottery raffle. Those interested should email shopping [at] blobpus [dot] jp with the following information:
  • Name: 
  • Country: 
  • Address: 
  • Telephone number: 
  • PayPal address: 
The deadline is not specified, so enter as soon as you can… Those chosen as winners only will be notified, at which point they must pay a mere ¥8,000 (approx. $73.50) plus shipping!

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