Valve x Crowded Coop - Team Fortress 2 blind box Vinyl Figures!!!

Talk about flying under the radar... the folks over at Crowded Coop have had the Valve license for some time now and have been diligently working on a TF2 blind box series, and low and behold, these are releasing this month!!! Inspired by characters, weapons, and items in Valve's Team Fortress 2 video game, this series of 3" tall figures looks amazing... seriously! It's Soldiers, Scouts, Engineers, and Spies galore with the Team Fortress 2 mini series.
There are 15 different figures to collect in this fun line that brings to life your favorite characters from Valve's Team Fortress 2 video game. You never know what you're going to get when you buy this blind-boxed 3" tall figure, which is half the fun! Not only does the line include characters but it also features the RED and BLUE Sentry. There are 3 chase figures in the line to collect, too! Each figure comes with an accessory as well... all specific to the character class and as you can see from the above ratio chart, getting the entire set should be fairly easy! Retailing for under $10 a box, look for these to be hitting designer toy retail shops in the very near future!!!

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